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GAP GUI for Macintosh OS X

Sep 1, 2009 - CocoaGap v0.22 released. Fixes a crash on launching external executables, notably help; improvements to terminal emulation.
Mar 26, 2008 - CocoaGap v0.21 released. Fixes a possible crash on startup; adds preferences for .gaprc and saved workspace.
Mar 23, 2008 - CocoaGap v0.2 released, with command completion and other (minor) fixes.
Nov 26, 2007 - CocoaGap v0.11 released, with minor bug-fixes.

Background: GAP is the premier computer algebra system for group theory. XGAP is a graphical front-end for GAP that runs under X11, adding commands to view subgroup lattices, etc.
  Installing X11 is an extra step, and using X11 programs on the Macintosh is a little jarring. As such, I have written a native Cocoa version of XGAP.

GraphicSubgroupLattice of A4

Features: CocoaGap has most of the features that XGAP has. It accepts input from the command prompt, supporting "Mac-like" keys, a command history, and so forth. Using the GAP libraries for XGAP, it can display subgroup lattices, inspect particular subgroups, export to postscript, and so forth.
  It supports command completion as of v0.2. You can press Tab (in the GAP way), which will give you first the best partial completion, and then a drop-down list of all completions. You can also press ESC or F5 (in the OS X way), which will go straight to the drop-down list.

Author: Russ Woodroofe
Contact email:      cocoagap (-AT-) paranoia (-DOT-) emailengine (-DOT-) org

Last modified September 01, 2009